Chloe Day – Press Page

Chloe Day – Press Page

Chloe Day – Press Page

Chloe Day – Press Page

Chloe Day – Press Page

Chloe Day – Press Page

Chloe Day – Press Page

Chloe Day – Press Page

Chloe Day – Press Page

Chloe Day – Press Page

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Chloe Day Press Page
Radio & TV


KXRK X96 - Salt Lake City

O'Brien Public Radio
--Host Corey O'Brien


KDLD - Los Angeles CA

Head Trip
--Host Christian B


KROX - Austin TX

--Host Raydog

Jan 2008 - Chloe kicked off the second year in a row with a live performance & interview on Chillville.


KUPD - The Lopsided World of Jonathan L

KUPD - Phoenix AZ

Lopsided World of L
--Host Jonathan L

KBZT - 94.9 FM - Coup d'Etat

KBZT - San Diego CA

Coup d'Etat
--Host Mike Halloran

Cure co-founder Lol Tolhurst recently turned heads when he brought in Chloe's song "Dirty Little Secret".
Click here to listen


KPNT - St. Louis MO

New Music Sunday
--Host Les Aaron


KATT - Oklahoma City OK

Spy Radio

"I Really dig it!!! Please tell Chloe she's the KATT's meow!"
--Host Ferris O'Brien


KTEG - Albuquerque NM

--Host Ralphie


WRZX - Indianapolis IN

Hangover Cafe
--Host Dave Dugan


KDHX - St. Louis MO

Dangerous Curves
Dec 2007 - Chloe returned to the studio for a live performance & interview with host Shari Danger.

WVRV - St. Louis MO

HomeGrown Show
--Host Ken Williams

July 2005 - "With You With Me" won listener-voted contest for a record 7 weeks in a row.


Live Performances
KOB - Good Day New Mexico
KSHB - KC Live
KPNX - Arizona Midday Show
KSDK - Show Me St. Louis


Lisa Williams Life Among the Dead


Scott Baio is 46 and Pregnant
I Know my Kid's a Star






Reno Gazette Journal
Reno NV
Apr 2008

Albuquerque NM
Jan 2008

Albuquerque Journal
Albuquerque NM
Jan 2008

Local IQ
Albuquerque NM
Dec 27 2007

Illinois Entertainer
Chicago IL
Dec 19 2007

Oklahoma Gazette
Oklahoma City OK
Dec 19 2007

Chicago IL
Dec 18 2007

Albuquerque Journal
Albuquerque NM
June 2007

Fresno Bee
Fresno CA
April 2007

Indianapolis IN
Dec 2006

Albuquerque NM
Jan 2007

Illinois Times
Springfield IL
Dec 2006

Arizona Daily Sun
Flagstaff Live
June 2006

Playback Magazine
Quick Hits
June 2006

The Pitch Weekly
Concert Previews
April 20 2006

Columbia Daily Tribune
Go! Section
April 13 2006

Arizona Daily Star
Caliente Section
Jan 5 2006

Kansas City Star
Jan 2 2006


Wichita Eagle-Beacon
Dec 30 2005

Riverfront Times
Critics Picks
Dec 2005

Tucson Style
Nov 2005

Riverfront Times - Beat Happenings
Sept 2005

Denton Record-Chronicle
December 2004

Springfield News-Leader
October 2004

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
October 2004

Riverfront Times
Critics Pick
May 2004

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Hear It Live (Critics Picks)
May 2004

Playback Magazine
Quick Hits
February 2005


"Kiss Kiss Bang Bang . . . Chloe Day’s music resonates like a siren call. Her agonizing sound submerges listeners into a dream-like state with its seductive, yet dangerous feel . . . edgy, breathy, flirty, eerie and eccentric. "
--Arizona Daily Sun

"Chloe Day's catalog of folk, trip-hop, and electro-goth tunes is a delightfully schizophrenic genre romp, anchored by her inimitable, bell-clear pixie vocals."
--Flavorpill Chicago


"If you don't like catchy hooks, don't listen."
--WVRV St. Louis

"A talented songwriter and passionate musician."
--Oklahoma Gazette


"Chloe's got an exceptional voice and writes a great song too . . . Our webdude gets more e-mails about her than anything else I play."
--KPNT St. Louis


"Her music is outstanding and fits the format of Chillville perfectly. We recently played a couple tracks of hers and got great feedback from our listeners."
--KROX Austin

"Played Chloe many many times, "Dirty Little Secret", a subtle fast paced Trip-Hop/Trance 5-minute song that received a large amount of audience response. Then "Kingpin" followed, and once again the audience responded well."
--KUPD Phoenix

"Rife with dark insinuation . . . Day creates an enchanting body of music that is something else altogether."
--Indianapolis Nuvo


“With a little girl croon that sounds half-seductive, half-lethal, Day leaves her audience curious as to whether she plans to kiss them or kill them. And yet, her performances are so hypnotizing, listeners would probably consent, spiral-eyed, to either."
--St. Louis Riverfront Times

"Inviting and vaguely ominous at the same time . . . The perfect complement to a cold day."
--Albuquerque Alibi

"With one toe in the chill-out pools of trip-hop and another in the intimate warmth of singer-songwriters like Suzanne Vega and Beth Orton, Day sings of bittersweet romantic travails and sardonic reflections on urban life."
--KDHX St. Louis

"Enchanting and hypnotic."
--Fresno Bee

“Chloe Day whispers tunes laden with enough layered secrets, addictions and percussive slinkiness for both updated Raymond Chandler adaptations and creepy indie flicks."
--Kansas City Pitch Weekly

"Equal parts seductress and sweetheart, Chloe sings with a velvety voice that's too hot to touch."
--Columbia Daily Tribune

"Chloe's CD is a bit on the pop side for the show, but is so original in terms of the writing and her singing that I want to make sure people have a chance to hear it."
--KANU Lawrence

"Sexy, sweet, and just a little predatory."